My first post… :) *screams*


So… I’m absolutely new on wordpress and honestly don’t understand anything around here…yet! Thanks to my long history on tumblr I know a thing or two about HOW TO MAKE A POST! *phew*

Let’s see… how this thing works :C

:: FLG :: is celebrating their second anniversary with a little store hunt! Congrats to them! (AUGUST 19 – Sept. 2)

Shirt: :: FLG :: Carmem Blouse – Black /hunt item/

Pants: :: FLG :: My Favorite Jeans – Roses /hunt item/

Headband: RO – Briar Bow Headband – Cake  /RO is so nice they readded this awesome group giftie after several people wanted it so badly! If it is still available you can find it in the group notices!/

Hair: @GOL [ iren ] Hear me… GOL  This hair is a group gift at GOL so you need to join the group. Oh and there are lots of other awesome gifts if you look around.

Nails: CHANDELLE – Previous gift at the black fair 2013.

Tattoo: Speakeasy – Skull’d out tattoo


2 thoughts on “My first post… :) *screams*

  1. Hi, and welcome to WordPress! Thanks for following my blog, I’m new here too.

    I can see why those pants are your favorite, they’re cute. 🙂

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