Hair: [Atro Patena] – Rome – Black /Subscriber Gift – hairbase not included/

Tattoo: !cStar – Haunted by the Fall Sleeve /TAEH/

Piercings (chest, stomach): Cute Poison -Fallen /TAEH/

Ear Gauges: [BU] – Black Gauge /GG/

Top: *COCO* – Cropped Tank Top – Black /GG/

Pants: ::NoA:: – Mesh Check Red Pants /Lucky Board/ 

Shoes: Razor /// – Player Kicks /previous ABPO3 Hunt, no loner av./


TAE Hunt 2013 official website.



3 thoughts on “#20

    • Hey Cali! It’s okay. It took me a shameful amount of time to figure it out myself. On the right side of the board you can see 9(I think 9) colorful plushies like a whale, rabbit, fox etc. When the round starts you have to choose one of them e.g the whale and after 3-4 minutes when the round is over the board chooses one too. So if you see the whale on the middle panel you’ve won if you don’t, just try again. I think I had been sitting there for an hour so don’t give up! I hope this poor explanation helps! 🙂

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