#35 BLACKLACE Reopening!



So, Blacklace is having a reopening event! Congrats to them! Also, they have a lot of awesome gifties out for us. Go get them. :3

Hair: [Castellian] – Rachel – Stone /New!/

Skin: @BLACKLACE Reopening Event – Belezza – Cynful Gift Skin /0L gift for the reopening/

Necklace: @BLACKLACE Reopening Event – MG – Gold Peace Pendant /0L gift for the reopening/

Rings: Nuclear Bambi – Cross Ring set /1L on mp/

Shrug: @BLACKLACE Reopeing Event – [Cynful] – Shruggable Set – Black Suede Shrug /0L gift for the reopening/

Dress: @BLACKLACE Reopening Event – Lil’Lace – Sweet Stuff /0L gift for the reopening/

Shoes: @Feeb’s Rascals St. Sales Room – Essenz – Chicago Black Shoes /99L/

Upd.: This event has ended, the gifts are no longer available!


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