#121 Archmage

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  • Body

Hair: [taketomi] – Quele /GG in NOTICES – free to join – Group Key: secondlife:///app/group/3beca388-cdae-2c74-fffe-bb3a50c247bb/about /

Skin: @TDR – Essences Paris02 – *light rose* brunette /@The Dressing Room FUSION – 70L – I was sobbing when I saw this skin @Skin Fair at 2500L but theen I saw on Fabfree that I could get it for 70L @TDR…. I was like what :O so yeah my fav. skin of all time (well Essences is just aww x.x) and for 70linden….. I feel like I stole it :D/

Eyeliner: Flirt – Rawr /1L on mp/

Shape: Belissima – Dina – Small

Eyes: {S0NG} –  :: Xy~ Cold Eye


  • Outfit:

Dress: [Teri] – Athena Dress – Green /GG – free to join/



  •  Accessories:

Mesh Hands: Slink – Mesh Rigged Hands – Gesture

Mesh Feet: Slink – AvEnchance Feet – Flat

Crown: @Madpea – [LaNoir Soleil Designs] –  MADPEA WINGED CROWN /Madpea: The Lost Mine Hunt Gift/

Bone Accessories (necklace, hands, armbands): Brii Underground – Voodoo Outfit /1L – Voodoo Hunt Gift/

Staff: NEMISCEL – Arch-Mage /’twas free on MP but I simply couldn’t find it :C/

Pose: [LaNoir Soleil Designs] – Water Casting – Water Play /The Candy Factory – 47L – you can also get a FREE Water Spirit and it is sooo cute!/



4 thoughts on “#121 Archmage

    • Aw thank you Mieldyne! IKR! Noodles was my first skin from Essences, she had such a pretty face. However when I laid eyes on Paris…. love at first sight :DD hehe

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