#132 Loraine

Click on MORE to see style details

  • Body

Hair: Little Bones. – Trouble /GG in NOTICES – free to join/

Skin: Essences – Paris02 – *light rose* – brunette

Eyeliner: Flirt – Rawr /1L on mp/ /I drew the facepaint and eyeshadow with pohotoshop! but you will see how this eyeliner looks in the vendor picture on mp/

Shape: Belissima – Dina – Small

Eyes: IKON – Promise Eyes – Fjord

  • Outfit:

Dress:  Liv Glam – Sexual Healing /SL Frees and Offers GG – free to join – several gifts/

Leg Warmers: Maitreya – Leather Leg Warmers /GG – free to join ATM – thou shalt join asap/

Heels: :: Miss Canning :: –   [Loraine heels ] – Black (for Slink high feet)  /New!/

  •  Accessories:

Mesh Hands: Slink – Mesh Rigged Hands – Elegant

Mesh Feet: Slink – Mesh Rigged Feet– High

I’m sorry for the lack of posts these days guys, but I’m having my final exams the week after the next and ugh…. I’m studying like hell *lolno actually crying over my books* so yeah hopefully I’m gonna be back pretty soon :3 I’m trying to publish a post now and then tho! I’M TRYING! ❤ 


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