Hair Fair 2014: Cavalieri /12 – 27 July!/

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@Hair Fair 2014 – Cavalieri

Jenna                                            Brooke                                                 Aria                         

Hair Fair starts on Saturday (yesterday) the 12th of July and will run until the 27th of July!


Well its a no freebie post (again),sorry (also my last hair fair post *sigh of relief*)… BUT! if you have a not so bad PC you can sniff around for some awesome freebies/dollarbies @Hair Fair, cuz it is sure packed with them! Have fun! :3 (I wish I could show them to you guys… but with this crap I can’t even take a shot at sims without crashing damn hard…. so sorry again. 

Here is a post by the fabulous Ember Adored @Paper Dolls, that shows you all the free stuff you can get! 


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