About Me

Hi! *waves* Thanks for being slightly interested in me!

You can find me in Second Life as Madison Mars.

I had no idea what to name my blog and since I love PewdiePie and the PS3 exclusive “Heavy Rain” /Pewds called the protag. “Madymoo”/ I chose this! How awesome right?! I know you always wanted to know this. Well, here you are. welcome. *huggies?*

I started playing second life in december 2012 and I’m addicted since then…

I actually started this blog to develop some basic /and later maybe I’ll dive into it deeper (which I already started, but it is HARD guisee… HARD. jk, you just need to watch billions of hours long youtube tutorials, funny business, trust me)/ phtoshop skills. My online time contains looking for generous designers and their awesome group gifts, sitting in the house thinking about what to wear and completing exciting hunts . (There are times when I get quite angry because I can’t find the hunt item *argh* but if it takes hours to find it then I look for it for hours! (Yeah I know…).

So my blog is full of free stuff…YAY!


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